Should You DIY or Hire A Professional Painter?

Depending on which side you are, the debate on DIY versus professional painters can be quite a contentious one. Getting someone to paint for you is seen as professionalism because you will enjoy the services of an experienced and skilled painting contractor. However, on the other side, painting yourself is obviously a cost saver and gives you the satisfaction that you have done the job with your own hands.

Looking at both sides of the coin, we can help uncover the strengths and weaknesses of each approach which is critical information for decision making.

The Quality of Results

While it is true that anyone can just pick up a couple of brushes and a can of paint, interior painting is much more than this. The goal is not to change the color only or do a touch up for your scratched or chipped paint, but rather to add value to your home and boost its curb appeal. Unless you are a highly trained DIY, you may not be able to achieve the level of quality a professional would.

Painting Ideas

This is another area where there seems to be much give and take between DIYers and the pros. The argument for the DIY guys is that they know better how their final product should look and as such can do it themselves rather than paying somebody to do the job. It is true that in the course of communication between the homeowner and the professional painter, some information may be lost in between resulting into a less than desirable outcome.

On the flipside, professionals use the latest technology to pick out colors and inspirational interior painting ideas that will leave your house looking and feeling the part.

Time Savings

Anyone can be able to do a job either on the first or subsequent attempts, but this will have huge implications on time. If you have a schedule that is less busy or the painting project is sizeable, you may want to try it yourself. The main advantage with professionals is that they deliver expedited results because they do this job fulltime. As a matter of fact, you can negotiate with them and come up with a deadline on when you want the work finished.

The Right Tools for the Job

It can be quite costly investing in topnotch painting tools and equipment only for you to paint once after so many years. In fact, some of these tools are expensive and meant for people who are in the job fulltime. This is where professionals come in. For them; this is a work-related investment and as such they do not have a problem buying advanced tools to help them deliver quality work.

The Financial Component

This has been the bone of contention between DIY specialists and professional painters. To some extent, the cost element can be influencing because some painters will charge you so much and yet the painting job may not be as extensive. However, if you negotiate well and do a cost-benefit analysis, hiring an expert painter can save you lots of money and money-making opportunities than doing the job yourself.