Important Considerations When Hiring a Painter

Painting is not only transformational, but also an important home improvement exercise that can easily enhance the value of your home. The painting can be interior, exterior, or both based on the need, preference, and budget. Although it looks quite a simple task, painting can be involving based on the complexity of the project. This is why you may opt for a professional contractor instead of doing the job yourself.

If you decide to go down the road of hiring a professional painter, there are critical pointers you must always include on your checklist to ensure you pick the right contractor for the job. Thanks to our seamless move with TDY Moving & Storage we’re finally ready to pull the trigger on painting.

Experience and Knowledge Base

As pointed out above, painting works can become complicated and this is where the skill and experience of your contractor comes in. Ideally, the professional should make an estimate beforehand, detailing the materials to be used and give you a feel of how your project will turn out. Remember, the outcome of your painting project is the most important aspect and as such you wouldn’t want someone who is more into guesswork than the real job.

Employees versus Subcontractors

Take time to find out whether the contractor has direct employees or he gets people on a haphazard and contract-based also known as subcontractors. If he has direct employees, the workers compensation and liability insurance policies should be sufficient to cover them. However, in the event they are subcontractors, they should have arrangements of their own insurance policies. This is important because painting is a somewhat a risky job and the last thing you want is a legal claim due to injuries sustained at the workplace.

Formal Estimate

Some contractors have the habit of shelving some costs at the negotiation stage only for them to include them somewhere down the road. This is not professionalism and you should require that the contractor gives you an accurate, well-written and formal estimate of the amount of prep work and materials to be used. This will give you the scope of the work in monetary terms so that you can be prepared in advance.


In addition to the guarantees offered by the manufacturers of the paint products, find out whether your contractor has a service guarantee. Reputable painting contractors have a habit of giving their clients written service guarantees which mean any case of bad workmanship can always be revisited at no cost to you.


When hiring a contractor, it is important you ask him or her if there are any past and present clients they have serviced. This is important because someone who has consistently done a good job with previous clients is likely to do a good job for you. Do not accept to be a test run.

Preparation Work

Be keen to find out the nature of preparation work your contractor will do. Someone who cuts corners is certainly not a good fit for your project. A good painting contractor takes time to do everything that pertains to the preparation stage and your agreement.

Although cost-friendliness is a factor you should consider, try not to allow it to overshadow the above important aspects.